About us

We are committed to the transition to a sustainable economy. By developing products that store carbon for a long time and thus actively contribute to the ambitions of the Dutch government. Circularity, carbon storage & social sustainability are the core concepts for us. By taking care of carbon reducing activities on Dutch territory and at the same time stimulating the market for natural products, we ensure a reinforcement of the effects. An increase in the proportion of natural products leads to an increase in the carbon reducing effects.



We develop and produce products in which carbon is stored for a long time. Expanding the scope will increase the adoption of natural resources.


GreenInclusive contributes to the objectives of the Raw Materials Agreement by developing, producing and marketing sustainable and circular products. In collaboration with our partners, we can close chains and accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

  • Hempflax Fabriek 0004
  • Maaien Greeninclusive
  • 25 Hempflax Fabriek Vezel
  • Zaaibedbereiding 2021
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  • Isoleren Met Vezelhennep (Greeninclusive)



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